An accurate value of a business

But we don’t stop there

There’s an old saying in real estate, “Location, location, location.” But! In placing a value on a business our slogan is, “Research, research, research.” A business valuation is much more involved than a simple appraisal. We don’t just waltz into your business and look it over. No! We dig deep down into all the ways your company adds value and we find the true worth.

After finding the value of your company, most of our competitors stop there, but we don’t. Through research, research, research, we provide you with additional ideas to increase the value of your company and add more to your bank account.

How to Protect Your SBA Loan Investment

We do all the work so you don’t sweat the loan.

So, you are a lending institution with an SBA loan you are ready to hand over to a potential new business owner, but you want to protect your investment. We hear you loud and clear. In this economy you want the best investment with the least amount of risk. Your money is valuable and it’s necessary to obtain a business valuation..

We perform the painstaking task of research all while sorting through:

  • Financial statements
  • Marketing materials
  • Purchase agreements
  • Buyer information

You are provided a beautiful document, tied with a ribbon, containing an accurate valuation of the business in question. But it doesn’t end there. We stick around for any questions that may arise and send the document to the other parties involved in the deal.

Money In Your Pocket

Often most of an entrepreneur’s personal net worth is in the form of highly appreciated, closely held stock, which, if sold, would trigger a large capital gains tax. For those philanthropically-inclined business owners, making gifts of closely held stock in their business to a charitable organization presents an extremely attractive option for both maximizing the size of their charitable contribution and for reducing their own personal and estate tax exposure.

As a member of your team, we provide the sound appraisal services that supports the charitable deduction by the donor taxpayer

All with minimal effort on your part.

If it’s coming down to the end of your financial year and looking more and more like you are going to owe the IRS a good chunk of change: what should you do? Well, the IRS allows you to gift your privately held stock to a non-profit, a practice known as shared giving.

How much should you gift? That’s all up to your CPA or lawyer, but before you go through the process the IRS does require your business to have a value placed upon it through a qualified business valuation company.

Don’t worry, it’s painless and your time isn’t wasted. While we do all the hard work you can have fun doing what you love most, running and managing your company.

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